Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday, Day 1 of 365 - 52

Today is supposed to be plans and routines that have worked.
Well it is Day 1 and I have fallen off the cleaning wagon but...
I did walk 5 km this morning as I do every (or almost every weekday morning, more for my waistline then the dogs health) So that routine works.
I did flip the laundry before my walk but I did not fold or put away the clean clothes. So I guess that only half worked and the family will continue fishing for clean underwear in the overflowing baskets.
This is Cindy, one of the two lovely ladies I walk with.

You can see the state of my main floor along with all the clean laundry spread out on the diningroom table.

Today  The Flylady says we are in Zone 2, The Kitchen. Well I was in my kitchen too. Making coffee and lunches. Trying to multitask before leaving the house to multitask at work. But back to the kitchen. I do not have a clean and shiny sink every night. There I said it out loud. I have to work on this routine, and work on the invisible  people who leave dirty dishes in the sink and not in the dishwasher. I will find you, you can not hide forever. You will get hungry.

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