Thursday, February 26, 2015

The route home

I dislike it when the streetcar is so full that you are pushed against the window when some unthinking fellow traveler forgets to take off their knapsack.
I want to place huge ads on every streetcar, bus and subway showing people squished flat against the windows.

Well there you are my little rant for the day.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Getting back

I have time to learn to use my smartphone to post. Every time I try the post fails.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2 - Write 31 Days

I have already discovered the flaw in my plan. 
I had based my constrictions on having time within 60 minutes of getting out of the house to jot down notes, take photographs and start stringing words together. Three days a week I am on the streetcar unless my lovely neighbour gives me a lift to Roncesvalles and I then walk to Dufferin. This morning we had a good natter about books. She is reading The White Pearl by Kate Furnivall - it sounds like a great page turner. She is waiting for the new Tim Winton to arrive. I told her about Isabelle Allende's book Maya's Notebook and how I devoured it over the weekend. 

By the time she dropped me off a half hour had passed and I had had no time to plan a post. During the ten minute walk to work I found myself dodging slow walkers 

I arrived at the Studio only to turn around and zip off to a clients - no time to plan but I did take photographs. We are looking at driveway layouts - who said design is exciting. 

Tomorrow will be interesting as I drive to work with my husband Mondays and Fridays. He drives, I knit we talk. I will spend the drive planning the post and the return trip knitting. Win win all around.

31 Days - Outside My Front Door

If you click back in my posts you will notice that I get all gung-ho about writing and posting and photographs and then - it all peters out after a couple of days. 

I am taking a leap of faith in myself and I have publicly joined - 

31 days!

The challenge is to write about one topic for 31 days. I could talk about healthy food for 31 days as I plan, cook, assemble 3 meals plus snacks every day of the week but so do so many great bloggers. I could write about my grief but it is still to raw to make it so public. I could take pictures of my knitting though theses days I am mostly frogging. As I drank my coffee the streetcar I remembered what I would say to people during the dreadful spring of 2013 - at least I made it out the door.
That thought is my jumping off point "Outside my front door", what happens to me in the first hour I walk out of my house.

It sounds like a huge topic and in some ways it is. By restricting  myself  to the first hour of leaving the house I narrow down my options and push myself to look closer at the mundane.

This is day one - and a photo of how I got to work. 

At least I made it out the door,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014