Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Time Has Come the Walrus Said

The times they are a changing.

I am entering into middle age. In two months I will be 51. Now, no longer a newly minted middle age woman. The mother of four and I have kept my original Husband and no I am not trading him in anytime soon.

Events have pushed me to face the need for change.
         My kids are getting older, their needs are different. High school, college and university students live very different lives to those in diapers, junior and middle school. I need to move them forward, to be better workers at school, in the house and at their jobs. Changes to chore expectations have to be made, both my actions and their actions.
         I am tired of my cooking – dinner is uninspired and food shopping is boring, boring, boring. My vegetable garden is bland– except for my herbs. I love fresh herbs on everything.
         We bought our house as a fixer-upper, well it has been seven years and it still needs fixing. I am not going for the deco-porn look or the monster home on our street, I just want the little jobs finished. Baseboards replace, quarter round installed. Broken glass repaired. Caulking around the windows. You get the picture.
         Housework. I have never been very good at cleaning. I always seem to leave a few things undone for days, okay for weeks, I know of a couple that have been undone for years. I want to change. I want to jump back onto the Flylady’s ( ) band wagon, get my routines down, get my control journal up and get my laundry moving.
         My body. This is the one area that I am feeling comfortable in. Over the last three years I have lost and kept off thirty pounds. I want to continue to move. Make more yoga time. Reduce my wine intake and up my healthy food. I will add the ups and downs of epilepsy as  my youngest daughter is newly diagnosed.
         My craft – I knit, I knit lace, I lurk on all those amazing sites wishing, hoping and wanting. I will make my sweater this year.  The whens, whats and wherefores have to be planned out.

Amazing – that gives me 6 areas to explore every week. What a treat. Now I have to plan just a little bit. As we all know “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Here is the basic layout - I am thinking of doing a 365 - 52, I like a day off a week. 

Monday - Housework/Not just mine

Tuesday -  Food/Shopping/Planning /Recipes

Wednesday - My Body/Epilepsy

Thursday - Plans and Routines what has work/not. 
               The small changes we put in place

Friday - Fun/ Knitting/ What I found around the web/Pictures

Saturday - The house, small changes, big moves

There, I have put together a plan. A plan I can start with, we all know it will be tweaked, twisted and teased over the next year.

Stay with me as I learn to blog and make the small changes that lead to big changes. 


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