Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have hit the wall, a wall, a well, a well that I can not get out of.

There is nothing I want to eat, to cook, to knit or to read.

There are no plants I want to plant, no weeds I want to weed.

I have a major case of early rainy spring ennui - nothing interests me. My cooking is boring and yet nothing in the recipe books or on the food blogs and sites that I follow can make me rattle my pots and pans.

Knitting  has lost its thrall - other then the streetcar socks that I always have in my bag.

Spring is slowly coming to my front garden. The rain has chased the cherry blossoms away. The squirrels did not get all the bulbs and the colours are coming back.

I truly believe that when the sun comes out to play so will I.