Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days - Outside My Front Door

If you click back in my posts you will notice that I get all gung-ho about writing and posting and photographs and then - it all peters out after a couple of days. 

I am taking a leap of faith in myself and I have publicly joined - 

31 days!

The challenge is to write about one topic for 31 days. I could talk about healthy food for 31 days as I plan, cook, assemble 3 meals plus snacks every day of the week but so do so many great bloggers. I could write about my grief but it is still to raw to make it so public. I could take pictures of my knitting though theses days I am mostly frogging. As I drank my coffee the streetcar I remembered what I would say to people during the dreadful spring of 2013 - at least I made it out the door.
That thought is my jumping off point "Outside my front door", what happens to me in the first hour I walk out of my house.

It sounds like a huge topic and in some ways it is. By restricting  myself  to the first hour of leaving the house I narrow down my options and push myself to look closer at the mundane.

This is day one - and a photo of how I got to work. 

At least I made it out the door,

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  1. I started searching out random links on the 31 Day Icon gathering. I clicked on this one mainly because I do like the title of your 31 Day write. I found myself so entreated in reading that when I finish this post..... I busted out laughing... I was all alone laughing hysterically!!. I love the honesty you have put in this. Thanks!! Looking forward to more.